Fruits to make skin glow naturally

 Fruits to make skin glow naturally  

If your skin is fresh and glowing it reflects your good health. Skin products provides outer nourishment while diet provide inner nourishment. Study show that fruits rich in vitamins and minerals helpful in skin glow. As most advantageous of eating fruits that they do not cause any health side effect. Skin glow fruits like Carrots, Lemon etc. helps in natural hydration which will responsible for improving skin texture and provides nourishment to skin. We are trying to list the fruits to make your skin shiny and Glowing.



As we all know, lemons are one of the natural used beauty regimen. Vitamin C found in Lemon having leaching properties which make him as cleanser. Study shows that drinking glass of water containing honey and lemons helps to get fair skin as it fights against cellulite.



Vitamin A plays an important role in repairing skin tissues. As carrots are loaded with rich source of beta carotene which are converted into vitamin A in human body. Carrots are loaded with several vitamin like Vitamin A, E and C also having antioxidant properties helps to keep skin healthy and vibrant. As carrots having antioxidant properties helps to protect our skin from harmful sun rays by boosting skin immunity system.




Strawberries are loaded with Vitamin C along with salicylic acid responsible for healthy and glowing skin. Study shows that strawberries are loaded with several antioxidant acids to prevent collagen destruction helps to prevent wrinkle formation.




Skin glow diet means what??? Diet having rich antioxidant content which help to prevent damage of cells and tissue. Apples are loaded with several acid like malic and glycolic which helps to get healthier skin by renewing skin tissue and cells. Study show that fiber rich fruits helps to regular movements of bowel to promote pimple free skin.


Bananas are one of the most recommended fruit for glow skin. Bananas are cheap and sweet fruit not help to get glow skin but also having dozens of health benefits. Bananas are loaded with rich source potassium leads to hydrated and moisturize skin. Vitamins like A, B and E acts ad anti-aging agent found in Bananas.

Know Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Know Benefits of Practicing Yoga

Know Benefits of Practicing Yoga


As we are discussing the health benefits yoga let describe in short about yoga. Yoga is spiritual, mental and physical approach originated in ancient India having different practices and goals. In simple language, we describe yoga as Yoga is natural and physical disciplined approach to control mind, stress, and overall health.


Drops the Blood Pressure

Practicing Yoga regularly may add an extra benefit for those who got high blood pressure. Practicing yoga regularly helps to lower the blood pressure as it regulates blood circulation and oxygenation of the body.


Boost Immunity System

Meditation is one of the best ways to improve immune system functionality. The Yoga practices including pranayama, asana helps to improve immune functions as it boosts, and lower immune system needed.

Yoga breathing techniques especially meditation releases stress and improves immunity.


Improves Sleep

The proper and stress-free sleep is the indication of fit and healthy health. Improper sleep leads to serious health issue which includes improper digestion, frustration, anger, stress etc.

According to research those who practice yoga regularly having calm and better sleep. The common yoga practices including Savasana, meditation, and pranayama helps you to sleep better to keep you away from stress.


Relief from Stress


Stress is one of the serious health issues found now days mainly in youngsters. There are several reasons behind getting stress such as thinking too much, being emotional, bad eating habits, too much smoking, and drinking, workload etc. Just practicing few minutes yoga daily helps you get out of stress.

Yoga asana (postures), meditation and pranayama of the simple and effective techniques to get rid of stress that accumulates daily to keep mind and body relax. The common yoga poses including easy pose, cat pose, child's pose, cow pose is effective in releasing stress.


Foods for Natural Hair Growth

 Foods for Natural Hair Growth  

If you take vitamin supplements for your hair growth but be alert that they should contain natural hair ingredients with drug free. Diet plays a vital role not only to stay fit and healthy, but helpful in hair growth. Most of the individuals doesn't know the which vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy hairs. Vitamins like B, C Vitamin H are responsible for healthier hair growth.




It’s very good news for fish lovers who are looking to healthy diet for hair growth. Fishes are not only taking care of your eyes and health but also one of the most recommended diet for hair growth. As we discuss above mineral and vitamins plays a vital role in hair growth. Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines are rich source of proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids which helps to promote healthy hair and their growth. Salmon not only helps to hair growth but also protects form several diseases.


Sweet potatoes

Beta Carotene is one of the most ingredients that helps to promote healthy hair and their growth. As vitamin A not only helpful in building body cells but also promote hair growth. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to dry skin, hair loss, dry hairs. Try to include foods containing carotene which is converted into vitamin A by human body leads to hair growth. Try to add foods like carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin which are loaded with rich source of beta Carotene for healthy hairs. As Sweet potatoes are also loaded with several vitamins and minerals like copper, iron etc. helps to promote healthier health.


Bell Peppers


As we all know vitamin C which very useful ingredient for hair growth is. Bell Peppers (Red, Green, yellow) are rich source of vitamin C necessary hair growth. Vitamin C having antioxidant property which will helpful in strengthening the hairs follicles and protect hair form damage. So, try adding Bell Papers in your diet to promote hair health.




As we already discuss above minerals like Zinc and Iron which helps promoted health hairs. The deficiency of zinc may lead to hair falls, hair growth. Oysters are packed with rich source of Zinc helps in hair growth. Antioxidant property of zinc Leads to proper functioning of oil glands. Oysters hair growing abilities (zinc powerful antioxidant) make it one of the suggested foods for hair growth naturally.


Healthy Nail Care tip

 Healthy Nail Care tip

The vast majority of the general population, regardless of our feverish timetables do guarantee that they eat solid and take after a strict wellness administration. In any case, in the midst of this, a number of us frequently tend to disregard an essential piece of our body-our nails. Perfect looking nails would help the inward trust in you as well as make you feel spoiled. Given is the Useful ways to take care of nails


Sound eating routine


What you eat specifically thinks about our nails. Our nails are made out of calcium and different minerals. Additionally, pay special mind to staining of nails or creating edges, since they are sign of vitamin inadequacy. Lack of Vitamin B12 prompts dryness and obscuring of nails. Drink bunches of water as it won't simply forestall wrinkles on your skin additionally maintain a strategic distance from your nails from getting weak.


Keep cleanliness

Clean nails are important to look great as well as important to guarantee your prosperity. Our nails can convey heaps of ailment creating microscopic organisms and germs. Winters, particularly, make our nails more permeable and defenseless to growth. Trim your nails routinely. Be that as it may, don't record your nails instantly after shower since they tend to break. Keep away from forward and backward movement while recording your nails and ensure you stick to one bearing.


Having saturated


Apply lotion while staring at the TV, before going to quaint little inn washing your hands. Kneading hot oil once per week could give you smooth and delicate fingers and nails. Vitamin E oil is useful for nails as is castor oil. You could likewise utilize petroleum jam to rub your delightful nails. Kneading nail serum could likewise fortify course and help your nails become speedier as amid winters your nails tend to become moderate.


Sidestep chemicals


Use non CH3)2CO nail shine remover to keep your nails from being delicate, better stick to acetic acid derivation containing nail shine removers. Lively hues like dark red, neon blue, profound pink, profound copied rust, dim the latest trend dark, electric green are the hot patterns seen at runway right now. Apply vinegar on your nail to last the shine longer. Base coat is extremely vital as it counteracts recoloring of the nail shading on visit real nails when you apply shine.